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How to Buy

You can know about how to purchase in detail by reading the following items.

  1. Choose Product(s)
  2. Leave an Inquiry
  3. Further Communications
  4. Visit our Company
  5. Sign The Purchase Contract
  6. Delivery on Time

Choose Product(s)

Zhengzhou YuLi Industrial Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Yu Li Industrial Co., Ltd. found in June 1995, it is a manufacturer integrating the production and sale. There are 120 employees in our company; the technical team is composed by 28 engineers, which includes 8 senior engineers, 1 doctor and 1 master degree researcher.

The main products of Yuli Company: Bubble alumina, stabilized zirconium oxide, Calcium stabilized zirconia, Yttrium stabilized zirconia, Partial-stabilized zirconia, silicate zirconium grinding beads, alumina filler for epoxy resin, white fused alumina oxide etc.

Yuli Company has established a close relationship of cooperation with more than 40 companies in different regions and countries in technology and business. The products have been exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and many domestic regions.

Leave an Inquiry

When you select a product, you can leave your purchasing needs through online message. For your convenience, we have placed the message form on every product and solution page. You only need to fill in some basic contact information and your required product. But in order to understand your intentions more accurately, we are pleased to see more detailed information you fill in for our reference. If you have told our online customer service your purchasing needs, this message can be omitted, and we will consider the online chat as an Inquiry. Please be assured that we always respect our customers' privacy and your personal information will never be public.

Further Communications with us

When we receive your inquiry, our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible. Even though there are great time differences, we promise to contact you within one working day by e-mail, phone, MSN, Skype etc. Through further communication with our sales staff, our technical engineers can work out the most suitable crushing solution for you based on your specific requirements such as capacity, material type, output size etc.

Visit our Company

To enhance your understanding and trust to us, we welcome you to visit our company at any time. and our company is located in Zhengzhou city of Henan province.You can arrive in Xinzheng Airport by plane, and we will arrange the staff to meet you at the airport. You can know the specific location of our company through Google Maps.

Sign The Purchase Contract

If you have decided to buy our products, then you can sign a formal purchase contract with our company. The contract usually contains product details, price, delivery date, delivery method, liability for breach of contract etc. Once the contract comes into effect, the interests of both parties will be protected by law.

Delivery on Time

We will strictly abide by the contract delivery date for your shipment.